Rio de Janeiro

Welcome to the 52nd World Congress of Chess Composition website!

Organiser: Uniao Brasileira de Problemistas
Venue: Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 10-17 October 2009
Hotel: Pestana Rio Atlantica




The 21st Spisšká Borovicka award is online.


You may need the Figurine Symbol T2 font to see the ARVES Award. Figurine T2 (and other chess fonts) can be downloaded from the Chess Fonts site in Denmark.


The 2nd ARVES Jevener award is online.


The Ukrainian Folks Crafts 2009 award is online!


The award for the Ukrainian 2009 Tourney is now online!


The award for the WCCC Quick Composing Tourney - Section B is online!


The award for the WCCC Quick Composing Tourney - Section A is online!


The award for the Long Composing Tourney (and 1st Malbec Tourney!) is online!


See the Study of the Year 2008!


The award for the 12th Sabra is online!


The award for the Champagne 2009 is online!


See the award for the 9th Japanese Sake Tourney!


See the award for the 7th Romanian Tzuica Tournament!


Starting today we will publish the revised versions of the composing tourneys results as sent by the judges. After the full compilation of these results we will publish the final version of the congress bulleting. Stay tuned!

We start with the results of the Cachaça Tourney!


We're pleased to announce the Congress Short Composing Tourney.

Section A: Direct mates in 2 moves

Judges: Vlaicu CRISAN & Dinu-Ioan NICULA (Romania)

Theme #2: In the try a white piece X captures a black piece Y, threatening mate A. Black has at least two defenses: capture of the white piece X, followed by mate B or flight of the black King followed by mate C.

In the real play, after the key the mates B and C should appear after random or correction moves of black piece Y.

Section B: Help mates in 2 moves

Judges: Vlaicu CRISAN & Dinu-Ioan NICULA (Romania)

Theme h#2: At least two solutions are required. In the first solution, one direct White battery is activated and delivers mate. In the other solution the white battery is destroyed. Twins and duplex are allowed, but no zero-positions.


We're pleased to announce the Congress Long Composing Tourney.

Judges: Jorge Kapros and Jorge Lois (Argentina)

Theme: In a phase, a black piece A opens a line to a white piece B, in another phase the same black piece A opens another line to the same white piece B. In the example below the white piece moves across the opened line, but that’s is not a requirement.

No fairy pieces and/or conditions, with at least two phases. Multi-solutions and twins are allowed, but no zeroposition.


We're pleased to announce the 2nd Cachaça Tourney!
Exigency: H # 2 (with no fairy pieces / conditions)
Theme: A black line must be closed (by Black or White) to allow the move of the white King (in W1 or W2).
Multi-solutions and twins are allowed, but no zeroposition.

Entries must be delivered in hand to Marcos Roland or Ricardo Vieira by Tuesday, October the 13th, 21:00, or sent by email to marcosroland@terra.com.br by October the 9th.
The tourney is open for everyone, but only the attendees at the Congress are eligible to get prizes in bottles of “cachaça”.


We're pleased to announce the 12th SABRA Composing Tourney!
An orthodox H#2 is required with the following theme:
The square evacuated by Black on the 1st move is immediately occupied by a white piece which subsequently gives mate as the rear piece of a direct white battery.

Restrictions: (a) evacuation on the 1st move by a black pawn is not allowed, and (b) a double-check on the mating move is not allowed.

Judge: Menachem Witztum
Prize: 1 bottle of SABRA - the liqueur of Israel for your enjoyment.
Entries should be submitted to Roberto Stelling (xadrez@stelling.cc) until Wednesday 14/10/2009 at 19:00.


We are pleased to announce the Champagne 2009 Tournament.
The Tourney is opened only to Congress Participants
The Champagne Tourney is divided in 2 sections (with separate awards) :
A . Proofgames
B. Any other kind of Retro problems
The theme is : The repeated move!
Fairy conditions allowed in both sections.
Maximum 3 entries per composer per section.
Maximum 1 non computer tested entry per composer in section A
Entries to Michel Caillaud by 14th October 9:00 PM


We are pleased to announce the 2nd ARVES Jenever Tourney!
Judge : Marcel Van Herck
Theme : study with double check and mate in the final position
Give your entries (diagram + full solution) to Marcel Van Herck
–during the Congress until Wednesday October 14th 19:00
–or by e-mail (preferably in .pgn format) to arves@skynet.be before October 8th


We are pleased to announce the 11th "Ukrainian Folk Crafts" Thematic Tourney
Judges: Yevgen Reytsen & Nataliia Kucherenko
Theme: Poltava Twins - 5
H#3. Twin formation by way of replacement of a black piece by another black piece, which is initially present in the diagram position. The replaced piece is removed from the board. Moreover, the black piece replaced in the second twin checks the white king in the first twin and the replacing piece does the same in the second twin. A checking piece is deemed to be a piece directly attacking the white king (i.e. if the thematic unit is the front piece of a battery, only a double check will do).
Computer-tested entries in diagrams with full solution are to be submitted to Y. Reytsen or N. Kucherenko by Wednesday, October 14, 10:00.


We are pleased to announce the 7th Romanian Tzuica Tourney!
Judges: Vlaicu Crisan & Eric Huber
Help-selfmates (hs#n) or help-selfstalemates (hs=n) with Batteries. All fairy conditions and pieces are allowed. There must be at least two active (firing) batteries during each solution. Batteries can be already present in the diagram position or built during the play; they can be both white, both black or black & white.
Send your entries by email to Eric Huber by October 9th or give them during congress to Vlaicu Crisan until Wednesday, October 14th at 19:00.


We are pleased to announce the Japanese Sake Tournament!
Judges: Kenji Hoshino, Tadashi Wakashima
Theme: H#2 with Invisibles. Any other fairy conditions and/or pieces are not allowed.
Closing date: Wednesday night, October 14th, 9:00 PM.
The tourney is open to everybody, but only congress participants can receive bottles.
E-mail entries should be sent to Tadashi Wakashima before October 3rd.


Today we received the announcement of the Spisska Borovicka Congress Tourney. Enjoy!